For some of us, a whiff of something delicious in the oven reminds us of cookies after school or lazy weekend breakfasts. Whatever the context, the connotation is usually warm and positive. A few years ago, Safia may have had trouble scrounging up any type of memory associated with baking. Thanks to you, the oven and kitchen have become a haven, a source of confidence and empowerment, and a critically needed financial resource for her and her family.

Safia’s father had been solely supporting her family until he was imprisoned for being unable to repay a loan. Quickly, Safia’s life changed. She developed depression and debilitating headaches that required monthly medication and made social situations of any kind almost unbearable.

When she learned of the work program you helped to fund, that would enable her to make money to support her family, she wasted no time trying to enroll in a tailoring program. Unfortunately, that class was full, but the new baking class had an opening.

She’d never considered herself a baker, but in her desperate situation, she resolved to try. Before long, she had not only fallen in love with the craft but her depression also had lessened as she became more confident in her new skills.

“I love the cakes!” she said, with a smile in her voice. Cakes, breads, cookies, and more continued to roll out, while her need for medication and medical help lessened more and more. She even sent her father some of her confections while he was in prison.

When he was released, the change he saw in his daughter was monumental. Your generosity made this possible. Her new skills have changed her perspective on herself and her life. She now dreams of pursuing further training and opening her own business.

Every time you donate, you give one more person just like Safia the hope of a better tomorrow. Please continue to support job training programs so more families like Safia’s can begin writing a new chapter, start creating new memories, and with great hopes, plan for a brighter future filled with cookies, cakes, and the sweet things life has to offer.

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