Clean Water

An estimated 768 million people use unsafe water sources and 2.5 billion lack improved sanitation facilities, according to the United Nation’s Children’s Fund. On March 22, agencies and nonprofit organizations around the world will promote global access to clean and safe water during World Water Day. BGR does its part to provide high-quality water for as many people as possible by distributing water filters, drilling wells, building latrines and offering sanitation training throughout various impoverished countries. Through these efforts, Southern Baptists are working to decrease these staggering statistics.


A Village at Peace

Mmm … fish for dinner, washed down with cool, clear water.

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A Miracle: Water in the Home

There’s water in the house! Gui has fresh, clean, potable water piped into his cement-block home!

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‘Clean water is life.’

Engineer Tariq is the minister of water for an entire province. He’s worked closely with BGR on various projects. Here, he speaks about the importance of water:

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Let the Water Flow

Sanun squats before one of his large tanks and opens the tap, letting cool, clean water flow over his dishes.

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Clean Water for Everyone

Imagine only having dirty water to drink. Would you give that to your kids, friends and family?

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The Well that Changed a Soldier

The sound of drilling blared through the village. It was harsh and invasive, but to villagers, that sound was also hopeful.

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Water filters give families dignity

When you pass by Gesang’s house, he’ll offer you a fresh cup of water.

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Give fresh, clean water this Christmas!

Help those in need of clean water this Christmas.

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Puno’s Story

Puno couldn’t believe his eyes. The new well actually contained clean water!

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Water for Firuz

When Firuz daydreams, he pictures a vegetable garden growing by his house while new grape vines shoot up from the ground.

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More Stories
A cool, clean glass of water. Priceless.

Find out how you are providing clean water around the world through BGR.

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BGR Well Dig Dare Resources

Use these promotional resources as you take the BGR Well Dig Dare, and share them with your friends and family!

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Give fresh clean water!

Give clean water this year to those who need it!

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When a community comes together

​When a community comes together, nothing is impossible!

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Access to only dirty water

Without clean water, Shu couldn’t do her job very well…

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Clean water changes lives

A short 50 sec video about how a water pot filter changed the lives of a family. ​

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Mama Mary’s Story

Mary is the “grandmother” of her community. She is the community midwife who has delivered all the babies in her community for the past 50 years. When she was asked how many babies she had delivered during her lifetime, she simply pointed to all the people gathered in her small shanty and said about each […]

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Central Asia Water System

This village in Central Asia will soon have access to clean water. A BGR-funded effort to cap a spring above the village and pipe it to a reservoir near homes has progressed very well. A BGR partner says residents have contributed greatly to the effort, showing up to their work times with no reminding. The […]

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