Clean Water

Clean water is essential to life. An estimated 768 million people use unsafe water sources. 2.5 billion lack improved sanitation facilities, according to the United Nation’s Children’s Fund. On March 22, organizations around the world promote global access to clean and safe water during World Water Day. BGR does its part to provide high-quality water for as many people as possible. How? By distributing water filters, drilling wells, building latrines and offering sanitation training throughout various impoverished countries.

You can make a difference

You can provide clean water to families by partnering with BGR. Give below, donate a water filter through our gift catalog, or gather a group of friends to take the BGR Well Dig Dare. Join BGR in working to decrease these staggering statistics.


A Village Leader’s Dream Comes True

The crossroad of skill and passion is a prime location for dreams to come true. Check out this inspiring story of a man and his vision come true.

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Just One More Try: African village has clean water after years of waiting

Thank you for not giving up on people! An African community finally has two water wells after years of failed attempts. Your love, your prayers, and your gifts are changing lives!

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Paying It Forward: African community helps fund wells for neighboring villages

How did one well turn into three? When an African community you blessed with a well helped two villages fund wells of their own!

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One Filter, One Community, Countless Lives Changed

One water filter, countless lives changed! Read how a simple water filter changed the lives of an entire community!

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Water Filters Transform a Community

Suparman is a village leader. Wulandari is an elderly widow. They live in the same province as the Darmawan family and Hasan. It’s a large area, home to many with different backgrounds, social standing, occupations, family situations, and interests. Amongst the diversity, however, there is an overarching need that encompasses them all—the need for clean, […]

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Living Water

For much of her life, Myrna has spent hours upon hours and trekked miles in a seemingly endless cycle to find and retrieve one of the most basic elements of survival–water. Because of you, that cycle is over. Because of you she has clean water–not down the street, not in the town center, but in […]

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Empowerment 101: African Team Learns to Fix Wells Themselves

It’s a blessing to give a community clean water! It’s downright astounding to help a community do it on its own. Through hard work and a few mistakes, this refugee camp is stronger for it

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Your Year-End Checklist

Make the final days of 2018 count for people in need with this year-end checklist.

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4 Reasons Water Filters Can Change the World

Clean, accessible water is absolutely essential to the well-being of individuals and communities. From hydration to sanitation, water is the main ingredient to survival and development. Unfortunately, approximately 768 million people around the world are forced to use unsafe water sources, while 2.5 billion people lacked adequate sanitation facilities (Source: United Nation’s Children’s Fund). The […]

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Kentucky volunteer team provides clean water for thousands

In July, three Kentucky volunteers partnered with BGR to repair eight dysfunctional wells for refugee camps and villages full of people who have been driven from their homes.

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More Stories
Pray for Clean Water

  Clean water is the most fundamental component of good health, and it’s a desperate need for residents of a particular Southeast Asian country. BGR partners are drilling 26 wells in needy areas of this nation, where people have little access to clean, safe drinking water. The wells will not only provide potable water but […]

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More prayers
What’s a water filter? BGR Kids

It’s amazing the good that can come from a single device. Learn how you can send a water filter to people in need today by visiting

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How do wells work? BGR Kids

Be it a well or a full water system, access to clean water saves and changes lives. Learn more about how you can give the gift of clean water at

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Leleti’s Story Flyer | Clean Water Story

Click the Download button at the bottom of the page to download or if you wish to print the flyer as half sheet click here.     If you would like to order printed copies of this resource, visit our free materials page! ORDER NOW

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Gift Catalog Flyer – Clean Water

Check out other categories for the Gift Catalog Flyers to share with your friends, family, and church!   If you would like to order more catalogs, visit our free materials page! ORDER NOW

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BGR Well Dig Dare Resources

Use these promotional resources as you take the BGR Well Dig Dare, and share them with your friends and family!

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Leleti’s Story Flyer (half sheet) | Clean Water Story

Click the Download button at the bottom of the page to download. MORE HALF SHEET OPTIONS   If you would like to order printed copies of this resource, visit our free materials page! ORDER NOW

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30 Days of Prayer for Clean Water

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE IN NEED THROUGH PRAYER. You can do something today to help people in need! Join the BGR Prayer Connection to pray with us weekly. When you join the BGR Prayer Connection, you will: Join hundreds of prayer warriors around the world in making a difference for others Receive weekly prayer requests from […]

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Donald Kerr 3 months ago

Who does the drilling of the wells? How much money does it take to drill a well? Could I get a location of a well that my church would sponsor so we could be praying for that village? Are there a missionary in that village to share the Gospel?