Becoming a parent is absolutely beautiful and utterly terrifying—often in equal measure. Every cry, hiccup, sleepless night elicits oft-asked, oft-unanswered questions—what’s wrong?

When Logol’s six-month-old baby girl began to have trouble with her eyes, Logol’s brain went into over-drive—what’s wrong? Why is this happening? What do I do? All the while, her daughter’s eyes continued to swell with infection to the point she could barely open them at all.

Given her location and financial resources, seeking medical help didn’t appear to be a viable option until a friend told her about a clinic that you helped operate.

Logol walked four hours to take her baby to the Baptist clinic you helped support. She arrived not a moment too soon. The doctors immediately sprang into action, knowing that the severity of the baby’s infection could not be remedied at their location. If it continued to worsen, the baby would be blind for life.

Instead, they prayed with Logol, arranged transportation and food, and sent her to the nearest hospital, where they also paid for the treatment. Their quick action saved the little girl’s vision and gave a desperate mother comfort, care, and confidence in her child’s future.

Thank you for enabling the clinic to operate. Every day, stories just like this are written on the hearts of mothers and fathers. Stories of hope. Stories of peace.

Continue to pray for and support clinics just like this, that they may continue to be a bastion of healing, distributors of love, and a gateway to a happier, healthier tomorrow.

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