The human tongue is comprised of eight muscles. Each works in concert to help us eat and speak properly. When one or more of these muscles is compromised, our speech, nutrition, and health rapidly follow suit.

Genzebe knows just how difficult life can be without a fully functioning tongue. Half of hers was gone. A disease that she couldn’t name and couldn’t cure had literally eaten away half of her tongue. She had visited local doctors, but they weren’t equipped to properly diagnose or remedy the problem.

Thanks to you, Genzebe’s tongue has been almost fully restored. Your generosity made possible the mobile health clinic where she and over 62,000 other individuals found real answers, proper medication, and the hope of full recovery.

From eye exams and the introduction of antibiotics to water sanitation tablets and education on basic hygiene, these mobile clinics are changing lives. Cataract surgery is now accessible. A goiter can now be removed. Wounds can now be treated. A woman who had seizures twice a week now has none.

And Genzebe is now talking normally and eating well. Upon her arrival at the mobile clinic, the doctor prescribed the appropriate medication for her physical ailment, but, sensing a deeper need, directed her to the clinic’s counselor.

As he prayed over her tongue, she felt something leave her. Over time, she continued to visit the counselor, maintained her treatment program, and began to experience healing.

Today, she shares the story of your generosity and the restorative power of faith. Thank you for all you’ve done and can still do.

Neither the tongue or the entire human body can function properly without every muscle engaged and in concert. The church is the same. You are a vital component to ministry. Continue your critical role today by purchasing medical supplies from the BGR Gift Catalog for people, just like Genzebe, in need of healing and help.

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