Baptist Global Response

New livelihoods

Tobacco farmers in E Asia, kept in poverty by price controls, pursued switching to other cash crops or livestock, with the help of BGR partners who helped set up distribution systems beyond their immediate community.

Healthier Souls

BGR partners provided healthcare for 105,189 people during 2015.

Coal and food

Five hundred refugee families in Central Asia received emergency coal and food supplies after severely cold weather claimed the lives of several children in their camp.

Disaster Response

African Drought Relief

BGR is responding to the drought moving across Africa. One project is helping 4500 people in Lesotho.

Disaster Response

Ecuador Earthquake Response

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Ecuador on Saturday, April 16. BGR is supporting national partners on the ground responding.

Refugees and IDPs

Syria Crisis

Due to the escalating violence and turmoil in Syria, Syrians are fleeing to surrounding countries. Join BGR in helping refugees.

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