It’s easy to underestimate the life-giving, life-changing, and life-empowering impact of love if you’ve never gone without. And if you’ve never experienced it at all, it’s practically impossible to know what you’re missing.

Geeta has lived most of her life in a void of loveless instability. Her abusive family was unable to nurture her, help her discover her gifts, or demonstrate even basic appreciation for who she was as a person. So when she left home to try to make a livelihood for herself in the nearest big city, she didn’t know who she was or what she had to offer. She was flying blind and, sadly, there were plenty of men ready and willing to take advantage of the young girl’s naivete.

She wound up finding work where she was frequently used and abused. She had little to no power to stand up for her own dignity and safety. Fortunately, some concerned, caring people who knew of her and her situation helped her escape to a safe house funded by people like you.

Upon arrival, Geeta was as lost as ever. She didn’t know what she wanted to do or who she wanted to be. She simply knew she wanted to study, put in the work, and become something.  The support and love she received at the safe home were like rocket fuel to the spark within and she almost immediately took flight.

She has since become adept at sewing and is nearing completion of the tailoring program, learned multiple languages, and, for the first time in her life, has learned to communicate with others in a manner that is confident, productive, and positive. For the first time in her life, Geeta has a sense of self, of purpose, and is hopeful for the future.

From the vulnerable, lost girl who walked into the doors of that safe house to the strong, self-assured young woman who is now thriving within, Geeta’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. It’s the kind of change that can only come from one source—love.

Thank you for loving Geeta and others like her. Continue praying for her personal development and future endeavors and consider how you can continue supporting safe houses like these to give young women a second chance at life, courtesy of a love that is unlimited, unconditional, and unrelenting.

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