Animals & Agriculture

Forty percent of the world lives in moderate to severe poverty. Many of these live in rural, agrarian communities. Both animal husbandry and agriculture projects can help address issues of hunger and poverty by providing both food and income.

Through BGR projects, farmers and families are taught techniques appropriate for their area to raise better crops and livestock. In addition to a food source, they learn how to sell products (meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and even animal dung) for income to meet the needs of their families. A gift of an animal or lot of seeds can be the spark that moves a family from hunger and poverty into empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Agriculture and Livestock

Finding Family Through Farming

In one West African country, thousands of farmers face the prospect of starvation every year because of severe drought, exhausted crops, and salt contamination. Read about how you’re helping!

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Garden of Healing

Zahar was forced to forage for scraps of food for her grandchildren before your gift of a starter seed kit helped her put fresh produce on the table. Read about your impact!

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Our 5 Most Popular Christmas Catalog Gifts

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and, if you’re anything like us, gift shopping sneaks up on you at the last minute. That’s why we released our Christmas Catalog early this year – to give you plenty of time to pick out your favorite projects and change lives, one stocking stuffer at a time! So whether it’s one of these five or a different gift, get started today!

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Conquering Disability

What limitations?! You’ve proven Zaid can provide for his family—even after the loss of his legs

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Your Year-End Checklist

Make the final days of 2018 count for people in need with this year-end checklist.

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Man’s Career in Coffee Starts with Seedlings

Pray Touby’s coffee seedlings will keep growing! When they’re ready for harvest, Touby will join the ranks of hardworking coffee suppliers around the world. Learn how you’ve helped him get this far.

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Day Laborer Learns to Grow Ginger

Thanks to friends like you, Surya’s crops are sprouting down a hillside and they provide more income than he found as a day laborer. You helped fund a project that taught him to farm, and now, he can take better care of his family.  

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Empowering the World: Patricia’s Story

This kind woman saw a new opportunity to help her community, so she used her position as a council member to set up an agricultural training.

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The threads of life

These beautiful women now have hope, thanks to generous supporters!

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BGR Partner helps the hungry feed themselves

Franco lives in an area that is currently experiencing a devastating economic crisis. And so amid this chaos, Franco grows crops. He’s currently working with other BGR partners on a model farm that both feeds locals and teaches them to feed themselves.

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