Animals & Agriculture

Forty percent of the world lives in moderate to severe poverty. Many of these live in rural, agrarian communities. Both animal husbandry and agriculture projects can help address issues of hunger and poverty by providing both food and income.

Through BGR projects, farmers and families are taught techniques appropriate for their area to raise better crops and livestock. In addition to a food source, they learn how to sell products (meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and even animal dung) for income to meet the needs of their families. A gift of an animal or lot of seeds can be the spark that moves a family from hunger and poverty into empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Agriculture and Livestock

Finding Family Through Farming

In one West African country, thousands of farmers face the prospect of starvation every year because of severe drought, exhausted crops, and salt contamination. Read about how you’re helping!

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Garden of Healing

Zahar was forced to forage for scraps of food for her grandchildren before your gift of a starter seed kit helped her put fresh produce on the table. Read about your impact!

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