As a church leader, you want to:

So do we. Our mission is your mission.

1. Nurture a heart for helping people in your congregation.

  • BGR will send you free resources for your church members.
  • Download additional e-resources here.

2. Take on a life-changing impact project

  • Build a well: $1,000
  • Provide startup capital for a new business: $2,500
  • Operating costs for a refugee support center: $18,000
  • Email us today to find a project for your congregation!

3. Take action with a hands-on project

Why BGR?

BGR projects promote long-term, sustainable relationships with local partners. Each project is evaluated to ensure that it does not create dependency and truly helps a community. Through BGR, your church can support international projects that have already been vetted for sustainability, are held accountable, and are connected to local churches and believers.