Has God stirred your heart for families in crisis around the world?
Send hope and hygiene items to people who need them most – pack a BGR Relief Kit!

What is a Relief Kit?

It is a box of essential hygiene items, like soap and toothpaste, for families in crisis. BGR worked with our partners on the ground to find the best items to include in the kit. Your kits will bring relief and dignity to disaster survivors, refugees, and communities in turmoil.

One kit will cost around $15 or less.

  • You can buy items in bulk at your local big box store or online.
  • All kits must include all of the requested items. Some items listed may only available in quantities larger than needed. Feel free to include a box marked “extras” when you ship them. Or save them for another project!

Gather your small group, Sunday school class, children’s ministry, or friends and family and have a packing party!

  • Follow the instructions on the list you downloaded in Step 1.
  • Be sure to include everything on the list.
  • Pray for your kits. You can see sample requests by clicking here.
  • Once your kits are ready, they will go to BGR partners around the world…and into the hands of the people who need them most!

Can I add other things to the kits?

  • Please refrain from adding cards, letters, photos, bulletins or ANY other items that are not specifically identified in the instructions. Good intentions can inadvertently cause delays with customs or compromise the safety of our partners living in the field.

Package your kits and ship them to:

    c/o Warehousing Pro, LLC
    2601 Hart Street
    Nashville, TN 37207

How should I ship them?

  • Most groups use FedEx, UPS, or USPS.
  • If you have a large load, FedEx or UPS can help with freight shipments. Or, check with your church members. Sometimes you will find generous friends who drive trucks and can pick up and deliver an extra load.
  • Give us a call at 1-866-974-5623 and we can walk you through what others have done.


  • Let us know your kits are on the way to BGR by clicking the button below. We’ll keep you in the loop as new shipments make their way around the world.


One way your kit helps:

“The Relief Kits will be a blessing to many refugee women in crisis… just helping them to feel a little bit normal amidst the chaos of their transient situation.” – A BGR Area Director.

Pray that those who recieve these kits will know and experience true love. 

Want to go deeper? Become a Champion Church!

We are in the early stage of this project. Would you and your church like to help it grow? We are looking for Champion Churches who will:

  • Give feedback on buying and packing the kits.
  • Share your ideas of how your church collected, promoted, and assembled the kits.
  • Take on a bigger role of being a collection point by promoting the kits in your region, collecting kits from other churches, and helping ship the kits to the BGR office in Nashville.

For more information:

For more information, contact reliefkits@gobgr.org or call 1-866-974-5623.