Thank you for partnering with BGR to send hope and school supplies to kids who need them most! Kits for Kids are bundles of basic school supplies to help children with little access to the things they need for school. Your kit will give a child the chance to learn, grow, and succeed. He or she will treasure your gifts!


One way your kit helps:

When you live in poverty, receiving help with items like pencils, pens, erasers etc. makes such a big difference in the lives of the kids. They can go from feeling ridiculed and ashamed because they are poor and don’t have the things needed to do their school work to being able to excel in school.


BGR has researched and worked with field partners to determine the best resources to include in the kits. Kits will go to our established partners around the globe.

One kit will cost around $15 or less.

Purchase new items and, when stated, use only the brands included on the shopping list. All kits must include all of the requested items. Some items listed are available in bulk or are only available in quantities larger than needed.

Can I add other things to the kits?

For uniformity in packing and shipping as well as customs approval in recipient countries, please only provide completed kits that match the detailed list. Varying kits and materials may delay shipments and in some cases may mean that the kits will not be accepted into a country.

Please refrain from adding cards, letters, photos, directories, bulletins or ANY other items that are not specifically identified in the instructions. Good intentions can inadvertently cause delays with customs or compromise the safety of our partners living in the field.

Register your kits

Let us know your kits are on the way! We want to thank you and keep you updated on future shipments, stories, and updates.

If you need help shipping, we recommend using a service like FedEx, UPS, or USPS to send your kits. For a big load, give us a call and we can walk you through what others have done in the past.

You make a difference!

“Receiving the school kit … was a very great thing which will help me a lot. I will use the school kit for my future projects at school, which will help me progress in my academic work. I am very thankful for having been one of the children who had the opportunity to be given the school kits. Thank you.”
-Kits for Kids recipient

Want to go deeper? Become a Champion Church!

We are in the pilot stage of this program. Would you and your church like to help this project grow? We are looking for Champion Churches who will:

  • Give feedback on buying and packing the kits
  • Share your ideas of how your church collected, promoted, and assembled the kits
  • Take on a bigger role of being a collection point by promoting the kits in your region, collecting kits from other churches, and helping ship the kits to the BGR office in Nashville

For more information:

For more information, contact