3 Ways Goats Can Transform Communities

You probably already know that goats are useful animals because they provide milk, meat, and income for families. But goats do so much more than that — they transform communities! Here are three ways goats have made a difference for families around the world:

1. Goats Can Rescue

In one African country, chronic malnutrition is rampant. Orphaned infants need a rich source of sustenance when human breast milk isn’t an option. Without it, they are likely to die.

That’s where goats come in.

Goat milk contains many of the nutrients infants need. With your help, BGR is sending milking goats to nearly 170 families caring for these orphaned infants. The milk—and your prayers—give them a shot at survival.

Read Mahari and Mahdi’s story of rescue and survival.

2. Goats Can Restore

One area of South Asia is prone to natural disasters, and a large number of people live below the poverty level. People with disabilities are especially vulnerable and ostracized. BGR partners are hosting workshops to lessen the stigma around people with disabilities.

How can goats help?

One young man, Zaid, was in a terrible accident and thought his life was over. But goats brought hope and restoration at just the right time!

Read Zaid’s story of restoration.

3. Goats Can Empower

How do you create lasting change in a community? Teach the residents how to help themselves. Through a BGR project, one community has pooled its resources to give microloans to small businesses.

One of those businesses was—you guessed it—breeding goats!

Chumi’s transformation from child bride to small business owner truly illustrates the impact that goats can have.

Read Chumi’s story of empowerment.

Your gift to BGR’s GoatFundMe campaign will rescue, restore, and empower people in need. For just $75, you can purchase a goat and transform a community!

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