Rescuing Mahari and Mahdi

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Infants have infinite potential. They could be anything—husbands, wives, doctors, teachers, mechanics, and plumbers. In 20 years’ time, their little hands could be kneading dough in bakeries or painting beautiful images on canvas. 

Yet too many children die of hunger long before they reach adulthood. And their potential goes unmet. Their possible lives go unlived.

Mahari and Mahdi could have died in infancy. Their mother passed away in childbirth, as did their triplet. Their grandmother began caring for them, but she had no milk to give them. They were nothing more than wiggling lumps wrapped in brightly colored blankets, and their lives were already in danger. 

But through the grace of God, these boys lived! Donors like you supplied them with goats that provided the milk they needed to become plump little babies. And, they could grow and develop into precious children. 

Your prayers are making huge differences in the lives of boys and girls all over the world. You’re helping to give them the food and nutrition they need to stay healthy and active. 

  1. Pray Mahari and Mahdi will stay healthy so they can, one day, live the lives God has planned for them.
  2. Lift up orphaned infants around the world whose caregivers have little access to milk or formula. Pray each one gets the nutrition he or she needs to stay strong.

For just $75, you can help rescue more infants like Mahari and Mahdi. Give to GoatFundMe today!