Conquering Disability

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Zaid had bright hopes for his wife, son, and daughter. After Zaid lost his legs in an accident, all hope was lost and he thought he would inevitably become a burden to his family. But you’ve brought restoration!

The goat you gave Zaid offered him a chance to earn income on his own and to contribute to his household, which he hasn’t done since the accident. You’ve given him dignity and diminished the stigma surrounding his condition. You even funded a disability inclusion training for Zaid’s wife, where she learned how to better help her husband.

Now, Zaid is saving money he has earned from selling newborn goats to open up a small grocery store!

The word “disabled” has less power now. It doesn’t label Zaid as a useless burden. It doesn’t ruin his life. He has overcome!

BGR’s GoatFundMe campaign will bring even more hope and healing to families around the world. For just $75, you can purchase a goat for families like Zaid’s!