Hunger Projects

Hunger affects 800 million people worldwide. BGR feeds hungry people in disaster situations as well as helping hungry people and communities find sustainable solutions to their hunger problems.

One BGR project is distributing food to distressed families living through an extreme financial crisis in their country. BGR funds are providing qualified individuals with food through well-established agencies and organizations. At least 2,000 people will benefit.


Why is there a constant famine in Africa?

Our CEO Jeff Palmer shares insight into African Drought

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The Twin Who Lived

Mouna finds joy in watching her baby son grow.

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The smile of an orphan

Sony is bright and happy and 5 years old. You would never guess she’s an orphan with HIV.

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A simple food packet changes everything

A flood had devastated his village, and the economy faltered.

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Rejoice. Feel the joy. The corn is growing in Lesotho!

Not long ago, this woman walked an hour to tell her friends at church about the new crops in her field.

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Matthew’s Story

They found him in a pit latrine. The umbilical cord was still attached.

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Sheep that heal

Nikola’s children love the sheep you provided them.

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Dance for Joy!

They’re dancing. They’re shouting. They’re singing with relief and happiness.

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Helping the persecuted

“Our pastor had to leave the area due to persecution and the flood’s affects…”

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“Season of Hunger”

Doris puts food on a table that could have been empty.

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More Stories
School Lunch Program

“The food I eat in school helps me a lot because sometimes …

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More prayers
Global Hunger Sunday

Use this video to help your church or group promote Global Hunger Sunday.

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God provides at just the right time.

Therese could only watch as her children fought over a few spoonfuls of oatmeal—the family’s only food.

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Rabbits make a difference

​Watch how rabbits purchased through the gift catalog make a big difference in the lives of families!

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Labby’s Story

BGR video monthly update

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