Hunger Alleviation

Hunger affects 800 million people worldwide. BGR feeds hungry people in disaster situations as well as helping hungry people and communities find sustainable solutions to their hunger problems.

One BGR project is distributing food to distressed families living through an extreme financial crisis in their country. BGR funds are providing qualified individuals with food through well-established agencies and organizations. At least 2,000 people will benefit.


You Fed Over 1,000 Migrant Families!

Your bigheartedness helped feed over 1,000 migrant families in their time of need! Read more about your impact in their lives.

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An Egg A Day Keeps the Children at Play!

Many parents in sub-Saharan Africa cannot afford to feed their children every day, but your open-heartedness guarantees kids in one community a nutritious meal at school! Read about how your generosity is providing for elementary school kids.

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Four Ways to Greet the New Year Generously

Can you believe we are approaching the end of January 2019? Make this the year you place generosity at the top of your to-do list.

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Food Packages Open Doors For Relationships

A monthly food box paved the way for an entire community to change Siphiwe’s life. See how God can use your monthly gift as a BGR Response Partner to open doors for miracles to happen.

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Food parcels give man with AIDS a reason to live

Mr. Ombo was a man with nothing left to live for. After receiving the food you helped send, he radiates hope in his village.

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Your Year-End Checklist

Make the final days of 2018 count for people in need with this year-end checklist.

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The 11-year-Old Mother of Seven

The little boy is just an infant, and Nafissa is the only parent he has left. She’s 11 years old. Together, we can care for children left to fend for themselves in this difficult world.

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6 ways to pray for hunger solutions

Almost 821 million people suffered from chronic food deprivation globally in 2017—but you can do something to help. Please, take some time today to pray for 6 solutions to hunger. 1. Pray refugees can find work. The danger doesn’t end after refugees flee their home countries. They must travel to new cities, where they have […]

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The Forgotten Mother

Imagine a young girl—just 14—who is so thin and malnourished she can’t feed her crying child. But friends like you are saving her life.

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To Market We Go

Thank you so much for giving this young man a chance to care for his family, and thank you for providing food for an entire community.

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More Stories
Pray for children facing malnutrition

Hidden Hunger…it sounds like the name of a scary movie or story. But in reality, it is the life experience of over two billion people around the world. Hidden Hunger occurs when people become malnourished due to micronutrient deficiencies. Essentially, they aren’t consuming enough food overall, and their diet lacks the nutrients and quality that […]

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Pray for children orphaned by AIDS

“And if you give yourself to the hungry And satisfy the desire of the afflicted, Then your light will rise in darkness And your gloom will become like midday.” Isaiah 58:10 It’s a devastating blow when a parent can no longer care for his or her child. Be it finances, health, or death, countless numbers of children find themselves at […]

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More prayers
Video: BGR Kids Catalog

SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD ALL FROM VIMEO   INDIVIDUALLY DOWNLOAD THEM ALL: What is where most needed? DOWNLOAD How do wells work? DOWNLOAD When do you build new houses? DOWNLOAD How do sheep help families? DOWNLOAD How does a goat help a family? DOWNLOAD What kind of food is given to kids like? DOWNLOAD What […]

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Don Carden 11 months ago

Can world hunger donations be designated specifically for Africa?

Natalie Sarrett 11 months ago

Thanks for your question, Don! World hunger donations cannot be designated to a specific country, but you can give to specific hunger projects through our website.

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