You Fed Over 1,000 Migrant Families!

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A single mother battles aggressive cancer while raising her teenage daughter. With half of the family’s income going to rent and the remainder paying interest on medical bills, there is little left to buy food.

A young girl in elementary school eats, takes showers, and does homework at her friends’ houses because her own home and parents are isolated by poverty and famine.

A middle-aged man skips meals as he struggles to make ends meet.

What do these three seemingly unrelated individuals have in common?

They were hungry, and you fed them.

Refugees from war-torn and disaster-ridden countries often do not have enough food to last them the long journey from their homelands; and even upon arrival in a new country, it takes some time to get established. One BGR food distribution program in Europe has welcomed migrants with open arms by providing hot, life-giving meals to those in need. Thanks to your bigheartedness, over 1,000 families have been fed!

Today, that single mom is confident in God’s provision and refers to BGR partners as “her angels in the midst of hell.”

The young girl is able to concentrate at school because she is full.

That middle-aged man is using his job at a radio station to create conversations around the love of Christ.

Food is a basic human need and affects all aspects of life. To learn more about ways to alleviate world hunger, visit


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