Garden of Healing

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Zahar spent her evenings foraging through the forest trying to find enough edible plants for her three grandchildren to eat for dinner. The violent outbreaks in her neighborhood made this a dangerous activity, especially for an old woman by herself, but Zahar had no other way to provide for her family since they were driven to an unfamiliar village by severe unrest and turmoil in her hometown.

BGR partners were moved by Zahar’s grit and determination to care for her grandchildren and gave her a seed kit to start her own garden in the safety of her own space. Zahar was then able to feed her family with vegetables and fruits grown in their backyard, no longer susceptible to the dangers of hunting in the woods.

Today, Zahar tends her garden diligently and is able to feed other migrant families in need!

Families like Zahar’s around Central Africa are benefitting from seed packets and community farming because of your generous giving! Internally displaced people are often overlooked, in countries in conflict most of all, but these gifts allow entire communities to know they will have a consistent, dependable source of food throughout the year. For those who have had to flee their villages, these projects also provide a healing way to be a productive member of their new society and build relationships as they work towards a common goal. 


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