Jia's Story

Time slows for no one. Eventually, we all get gray hair before we’re ready, have aches and pains we didn’t ask for, and watch relationships change or dissolve while our arms are still outstretched.

Aging is indiscriminate, but so too is the power of love. Even in our loneliest and neediest moments, a bucket full of love can revive our spirit and renew our hope of tomorrow. When Jia reached her elderly years, she lost touch with family and, due to lack of financial resources, often went without essential items-hygiene products and warm clothing, among others. Convinced that no one would ever care for her, she bore a look of gloom, void of optimism, eyes trained down, weary from looking for compassion that had never come.

It’s not easy to break free from such a sullen existence. It takes love—buckets of love; which is exactly what you sent to Jia and others in her community. The Love Buckets project delivered buckets full of hygiene products, toiletries, and winter clothing. The gifts came as sweet relief to people who have often had to go without medications and other daily necessities.

The supplies were necessary and life-supporting, but the love that went into every bucket was life-saving. Your love gave Jia a smile. Your love filled a void and assured the lonely that they weren’t alone. Your love is timeless. 
Continue supporting men and women like Jia through your prayers and gifts. And keep loving–buckets at a time.

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