Ameir's Story

In God’s perfect wisdom, He created us to love—to love Him, to love each other, and to love worship. Ameir loves to worship. He delights in lifting his voice to the heavens in the choir at his local church. Today, because of your generous gifts, he is doing just that. Only a few years ago, however, his voice wasn’t heard.

For most of his life, Ameir has suffered from seizures. Without access to modern technology and medical knowledge, most people in his community were convinced he was possessed by demons and he was ostracized from the choir and even his own family. His broken heart had no recourse. Then you showed up.

Your funds helped a BGR team in his area mobilize, maintain, and put to use a Portable Solar Powered State-of-the-Art EEG that was donated. The funds you provided enabled the purchase of a portable power and charging unit, a laptop, waterproof case, and a modem with Internet. Already, nearly 100 people have received an EEG, including Ameir. For the first time in his life, he finally knew why his seizures were occurring and, even more profound, was given the resources and medication to control them.

He has been seizure-free for more than six months. No longer the victim of misunderstandings, Ameir has been welcomed by his family and the choir. Now, with every song he sings, he does so with gratitude—to God, to you, and for another day to lift love high.

Pray for Ameir’s continued well-being and continue to give so others can receive the medical care they need to live full, healthy lives.

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