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Annual Update

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Finding comfort in a bundle of tin

It was a tragic day for Chittra. His house collapsed, burying his possessions under brick and stone. But, what broke his heart was the death of his 8-year-old daughter, who was trapped under their home. The earthquake in Nepal destroyed much of what he held dear.

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A cow can keep a ministry going

What happens to pastors when their congregations are too poor to pay them salaries? In George’s case, the pastor gets a cow. The man has 10 mouths to feed—one wife and nine children. But, he ministers to a congregation of subsistence farmers who barely make enough money to support their own families.

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Blankets for refugees

She wrapped the soft blankets around her three children. They had been through so much. First, their father died going to the market for food. A barrel bomb exploded, taking his life and that of others. Then, the remaining family fled.

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