Volunteer Requests

Thank you for choosing to explore volunteer opportunities on the BGR website. We are living in a time of great needs around the world and one way you can connect with people in need is by volunteering with our field partners.

There are a few ways to get involved:

  1. Help a field partner with a specific need. BGR’s implementing partners on the ground sometimes need volunteers for specific projects, which we have listed here. For questions or to pursue a specific opportunity, use the contact listed on each request. A PDF copy of the opportunity can be obtained by emailing volunteer@gobgr.org.
  2. Let us know of your general volunteer interest. Occasionally we may have a request to send out to those who have notified us of their interest to volunteer. To be on that list, fill out the form below.
  3. Volunteer in a disaster. For more information on volunteering in a disaster, click here to read our guidelines. Prior training is required.

Prayer Connection Team

In any major disaster response situation, there is a need for funds and often, volunteers. Ongoing community development needs the participation of local community members as well as funds. However, survivors and relief organizations also have another significant needprayer.

Many people can’t give and many people can’t go, but everyone can pray. BGR needs an army of prayer volunteers – for both disasters and ongoing development projects.

Join the BGR Prayer Connection team, complete the form below to receive regular requests in your inbox.

Click here to visit our prayer page and sign up.

Learning Centers for Refugees – Southeast Asia

English learning centers for refugees in an urban environment.

Skills Needed: Native English speaker, high school graduate.

Length of Stay: 3-6 months

Specific Dates: Project ends March 2019.

Team Size: 1-6 people

Approximate costs: Onsite expenses- $500 per month, Transportation – $30 per week, Visa – $100-$200

For more information, contact:
Everett Miller
Email: jemiller62@gmail.com

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org

Bangkok Refugee Education – Southeast Asia

Facilitating an online curriculum for refugee students of all ages in a classroom setting.

Skills Needed: Native English speaker. No formal education required but preferred.

Length of Stay: 6 months

Team Size: 4-6 people

Approximate costs: Rent – $200 per month, Transportation – $150 per month, Food – $300 per month

For more information, contact:
Everett Miller
Email: jemiller62@gmail.com

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org

Southern Bedouin Project – Middle East

The team will run health awareness and education days, distribute food, clothes and other necessary items for rural living to poor families. The team will also engage in several different types of community development activities.

Skills Needed: It is the desire of the Bedouin team to utilize and mobilize volunteers who are truly called to volunteer internationally and the team strives to strategically integrate volunteers with a variety of skills – even outside of health care. With that stated, the following are skills that most fluidly integrate into current strategy: Doctors, P.A.’s, Pharmacists, Nurses, EMT’s, Physical Therapists and/or other health care providers.

Specific Dates: Best months are March – June and Mid-September – November.

Length of Stay: 8-10 Days

Environment: Varied – Both rural and urban desert sites; temperatures may exceed 100 Fahrenheit during the summer and near freezing during the winter.

Team Size: 2-8

For more information, contact:
Travis or Debbie
Email: Travis ModernNomads@Protonmail.com OR Debbie debbeckner@mailboxwiz.com

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org

The Rafa Homes – South Asia

The Rafa Home is a residential home for children with HIV/Aids and those in destitution.

Specific Dates: Dates are flexible, but we recommend volunteers arrive in January or July.

Length of Stay: Flexible, but we prefer volunteers stay for longer periods (>4 months), if possible.

For more information, contact:
Sara Larsson or Sanjiv Ailawadi
email: saralalalarsson@gmail.com or sanjivailawadi@gmail.com
phone: +919871925575 or +919811401379

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org

Seven Sisters Home

Our purpose is to provide holistic, rehabilitative care for minor girls recovered from trafficking and abuse in South Asia. Our goal is to nurture and empower our girls to become resilient and independent women of courage, enabling them to successfully reintegrate into society and, ultimately, become change agents themselves.

Looking for volunteers for the following roles:

Business Developers/Vocational Trainers
Children’s Programming Manager
Communications Manager
Financial Consultant
Legal Case Manager/Investigator
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Teacher Trainer

For more information, contact:
Janice Hughes
email: 7sistersinternational@gmail.com
Or visit their website: http://7sistersinternational.org/volunteer-at-seven-sisters/