Job Skills Training

Most people struggling with poverty really do want a hand up and not a hand out. BGR conducts hundreds of locally appropriate skills training programs and helps to initiate over a thousand microenterprise projects each year.

Micro Enterprise and Job Skills

Educating A Generation

Many rural villages don’t have the proper educational infrastructure to support schools and, as a result, many families are not able to access the training they need to thrive. Read about what you are doing to help!

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Conquering Disability

What limitations?! You’ve proven Zaid can provide for his family—even after the loss of his legs

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Purnima Finds Love & Life at Training Center

At the training center you supported, Purnima used to be another girl just trying to earn enough to get by. Now, she’s a full-time staff member, and the center even helped her marry the man she wanted.

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Wonder Woman: A Mother Transformed

Wife, mother, farmer, secretary, entrepreneur…At 54, Lualhati is changing her world and inspiring others to do the same!

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A Village Leader’s Dream Comes True

The crossroad of skill and passion is a prime location for dreams to come true. Check out this inspiring story of a man and his vision come true.

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Training Programs Transform Lives

Lualhati is one of over 200 people in her community who has gained new skills through practical training programs you helped to provide. She is giving to others the gifts and skills you gave to her!

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