Providing Warmth for the Weary

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For displaced people searching for new places to call home, adjusting to another country’s weather can be jarring. Most refugees are only able to bring what they can carry out of their homes in a hurry, and as a result, many are unprepared for the changing seasons in a new country. One group of Central African migrants sought out a BGR partner to help them cope with the shift in climate, and through that relationship, they were able to experience the love of Christ in a tangible way.

When this community of refugees approached our partner, they had reached the point that they were wearing multiple layers of clothes throughout the day to cope with the cold and were staying up all night trying to stay warm. By working with local faith-based organizations and using your generous donations, BGR partners were able to provide over 200 refugees with the blankets they needed to survive the winter.

Perhaps more significantly, through this distribution, several families were able to build lasting relationships with local partners.

Each refugee wrote a note the first weekend after receiving their blankets thanking partners for restoring sleep and warmth to their community. One woman in particular, Asha, had just lost a family member and was struggling through the grieving process while taking care of her husband and two children. When she received her family’s blankets, it was the first time she had smiled in weeks.

Even though you may never meet Asha, you helped show her the love of God in a practical way. Please join us in continuing to pray for the physical and spiritual needs of similar refugee communities around the world!


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