Feel the Heat

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Amara was overwhelmed.

With one son dead, one in jail, and a daughter with severe mental handicaps, the weight of responsibility to care for her grandchildren rested squarely on her shoulders. 

Amara has known her share of troubles in life. Her daughter, who is often violent and aggressive due to her mental illness, is only released from the hospital for brief visits with Amara, and her son was murdered at a young age, spiraling the family into a tornado of grief and confusion.  In addition to these traumas, Amara lives off of a meager government pension that is more suitable for a family half their size, so money is a constant stressor. 

With the obvious pressures that this demanding level of care-taking holds, preparing for the cold season was the last thing on Amara’s mind, until it came. 

Faced with the prospect of risking her grandchildren’s health because they couldn’t afford to install heating units in the house, Amara began taking trips into the woods to cut down branches and pick up scraps of bark to make fires that they could huddle around at night. 

That’s when you helped save this caring grandmother from making exhausting foraging trips every day. 

With your help, BGR partners were able to supply Amara with the wood she needed to keep her family warm through the winter. Not only that, 250 other caretakers in similar desperate situations were helped through a wood and oil distribution as well! 

For families living in poverty, the winter months are brutal reminders of life’s fragility. Especially in countries going through economic hardship, the people are the ones who truly suffer. 

Your consistent hospitality in prayer and giving ensures that dozens of families like Amara’s stay healthy, warm, and cared for during some of the most difficult seasons of the year.