BGR Project Director/Volunteer Coordinator Expectations

  • Understands that if they complete the form, then they are ready and willing to accept volunteers and have a plan in place to manage these volunteers.
  • Have a volunteer opportunity that meets a human needs strategy.
  • Complete an online volunteer connection form.
  • Answer any questions the AD may have prior to approval and make the AD aware of any changes and/or issues involving the project after that point.
  • Communicate clearly and in a timely manner with volunteer team leaders.
  • Coordinate field transportation from the arrival airport, while the team is under their supervision and back to the airport.
  • Coordinate housing for the team.
  • Coordinate volunteer tasks.
  • Provide orientation materials.
  • Keep in communication with volunteer team leaders by answering any questions and especially if something on the field changes that affects the work the volunteers believe they are going to accomplish.