Jacob's Restored Health



When it comes to the AIDS crisis, communities in East and Southern Africa have been greatly impacted. Local BGR partners have been hard at work caring for patients in the comfort of their own homes, but their limited budget has made it difficult for them to buy the needed supplies.

With your generous donations, BGR partners were able to offer their spiritual and physical support by delivering 300 care kits to in-home patients.

Jacob was one of those patients. After being born HIV-positive to parents who soon passed away from the same illness, Jacob grew up extremely underweight and was on the brink of malnourishment before joining a care program almost a year ago. Because of the social shaming that Jacob was experiencing, he had not been taking his medication, and his condition had gotten so bad that he couldn’t carry his own bags to class. At the same time, Jacob got word that his house had burned down in a fire, leaving him homeless overnight.

Empowered by your gifts, BGR partners were able to give Jacob an in-home care kit, which included sheets, slippers, towels, gloves, ointments, and medicated soap, along with other needed supplies. After Jacob recovered from the initial shock of the fire and accepted the help being offered, he started taking his medicine again and slowly began to show signs of improvement. Today, there is a marked difference in Jacob’s personality, as he is a confident high schooler with a full time job and supportive community. Jacob is also happy to share that he has never been healthier!

As Jacob’s story shows, these kits help create lasting, meaningful relationships with the people who receive them. Shunned from their communities, these people were able to experience the love of Christ through the restoration of their dignity and humanity; and many regained their independence because of the care you provided. Thank you so much for helping this community experience restored health and spiritual care! Give to similar projects below.