Building Relationships Through Blankets



Asha and her family were at risk of exposure.

After fleeing their house with what little they could carry, Asha’s family had successfully migrated to another country only to find that their new home was exponentially colder than what they were used to. This jarring climate adjustment left Asha, her husband, and two children scared and unprepared to face the brutal winter ahead.

 Because they couldn’t afford to buy new clothes, Asha and her children began layering all of their shirts during the day and took turns staying up all night to keep the others warm. This exhausting process continued until one day, Asha reached out to a BGR partner in the area. Your generous donations provided blankets to Asha’s family, along with over 200 other refugees, to help them survive the winter. 

Through this distribution, several families built lasting relationships with local partners who were able to show them the tangible love of Christ. Not to mention that when Asha received her family’s blankets, it was the first time she had smiled in weeks.

Every person who received a blanket sent a note to our BGR partner thanking you for restoring sleep and warmth to their homes, and Asha in particular wanted to show her gratitude, as she was struggling through the grief of leaving loved ones and the familiarity of her native country.

Even though you may never get to meet Asha and her family in person, you helped be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting family and community. Please continue to pray for the physical and spiritual needs of families like Asha’s all around the world!


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