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Thank you for choosing to explore volunteer opportunities on the BGR website. The following requests come from our project directors and partners on the field. Each partner handles the details of their trips. To find out more, use the contact information listed on the request. For more information about volunteering after a disaster, click the Volunteer Form button above.

Refugee Volunteer in North Africa

Associated Project: Safe Solar Cooker

You will be working among refugees from a harshly persecuted nation in North Africa and the Middle East.  These people have spent years under the hand of a dictator and are glad to be out, but are in shock and need counseling and love.

Earliest arrival date: April-May 2017 OR August 2017

Length of Stay (Days): 60

Team Requirements:

Student teams in pairs (i.e. two girls and two guys, etc.) of 2-4 people. No single gender allowed (i.e. one girl and two guys).


Work to be accomplished:

Skill Requirements:

Living Environment:

Most likely they will be either in homes with our team or in hotels.

Special considerations:

High altitude.  Heat. Dust. Lifting at times. Working in dirty conditions. Yellow fever immunization. Far from health care. See contact information for more details and health considerations.


Marshall K. - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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