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Atulya Home

Associated Project: Atulya Home

The Atulya Home is a residential home in Delhi providing a safe place for young women coming from backgrounds of abuse, exploitation and rejection. The vision of the Home is to see the women healed and set free of their past, find hope for their future, and move into a destiny in God. These women come from places where they are considered worthless, so we long for them to discover who they are in God - that they are ‘ATULYA’, which means precious and of great worth!

We seek to create an environment where they experience safety, healing relationships, and community. We also aim to equip them with education, social and practical skills, vocational training, and give opportunities to develop their mental abilities and their own giftings in order that they are able to live independently when they leave the home. We long for them to meet with God and find true freedom in a walk with Jesus.

There are 10 young women at present in the home and we would like to have up to about 15 women. These women have gone through horrifically traumatic experiences, such as incest, trafficking, sexual and physical abuse, prostituted out by their own families, and general neglect.

The Home is closely interlinked with other works of New Generation; such as Atulya GB Road and Dignity Preserves (reaching out to sex-workers) and Courage Homes (Transit Home for girls who have been trafficked).

The Home is also an integrated part of the The Hub church community in Delhi.

Length of Stay (Days): 120

Team Requirements:

For the Atulya Home, only women can serve as volunteers. The Home has place of stay at the same time for one woman. Volunteers are also welcome to our other projects. At any point of time we would prefer to have not more than two long term volunteers (4 months and above) and about 4 short term volunteers (less than a month).


Bed and breakfast locations as per costs, usually $30-60/- a day for one person. For longer stays, the price can usually be negotiated. For at most two long term volunteers (one male and one female) we can provide accommodation @ $50 per week

Work to be accomplished:

To be a volunteer with the Atulya Home or interlinked works means to become a part of the life of the Home. This can practically mean everything from help with school home-work, cooking and cleaning the house, engage with the young women through creative and fun activities, support and serve the Home Carers and become a good friend. It also means to plug in with the New Gen community and be flexible enough to serve where the need is greater for that season. For example as a teacher in one of our schools, help making pickles in our production unit (Dignity Preserves) or help out with an event in the city, work in schools to build values, etc

Skill Requirements:

The most important trait needed is a willingness and flexibility to serve wherever needed. People skills, ability to work under local leadership, being accountable are a must. Teaching skills, crafts, music and art skills would be wonderful for the home.

Living Environment:

Bed and Breakfast

Special considerations:

Parts of Delhi are very traditional, while other areas seem to be more liberal. Nevertheless, it is good to keep in mind some things wherever in Delhi you move; we dress in consideration of others, we do not want to be a stumbling block for anyone, which means we avoid doing things that will be disturbing for others.


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Sanjiv Ailawadi: +919871925575,  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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