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7 Sisters Home

Associated Project: Seven Sisters Home

Our purpose is to provide holistic, rehabilitative care for minor girls recovered from trafficking and abuse in South Asia. Our goal is to nurture and empower our girls to become resilient and independent women of courage, enabling them to successfully reintegrate into society and, ultimately, become change agents themselves.

Looking for volunteers for the following roles:
BUSINESS DEVELOPERS/VOCATIONAL TRAINERS – We are in the process of researching several business ideas to train and employ our girls in the future. Ideas such as restaurant/bakery/coffee shop, basic home repair (carpentry, electrical, plumbing), cheese making, computer training – anything that there is a local need for and the developer has skills or interest in. This would require a long-term commitment in order to develop the business and ensure its success.

– This person would oversee the spiritual development of our children, plan and coordinate all non-academic activities, games, outings, devotionals and retreats. They would also train our staff in discipleship. This person would also coordinate volunteer teams. Since this is not a full time job, this person will have other responsibilities, depending on their skills and interests.

COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER – This person will be responsible for preparing all written and electronic products to promote our organization and communicate with supporters. This includes newsletters, blogs, social media postings, videos and website updates. Since this is not a full time job, this person will also have other responsibilities within the girls’ home, depending on their skills and interests.

FINANCIAL CONSULTANT – This person will assist and train national staff regarding our home’s financial reporting (Quickbooks) and gather relevant data for our organization’s financial reports.

LEGAL CASE MANAGER/INVESTIGATOR – This person will work alongside the national staff social workers to help pursue justice for our girls. They will assist with strategy and direction to ensure the individual cases are being thoroughly investigated and pursued by the police and the courts.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR – This position requires the ability to perform small repairs and/or manage local workmen to maintain the home.

TEACHER TRAINER – We need experienced teachers to provide training to our teaching staff. Although our teachers have some experience, they would benefit from learning about newer teaching methods. The time frame could be from one month to career. A long-term or career teacher could also have the responsibility of providing expertise and direction to the education program along with teaching English or math classes.

TEACHER – A position is open for an Engish and/or math teacher. Most of our girls are illiterate or very far behind their grade level. To meet their educational needs we have created a school at our home that has been accredited by the YWCA English School. The girls will be able to get certificates up through class 10 – high school equivalent. Since our girls come to use speaking several different languages, we had to settle on one language for their curriculum, and we chose English. English and math skills are essential to their future success.

Length of Stay (Days):

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Work to be accomplished:

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