Thank you for exploring volunteer opportunities with BGR.

BGR’s implementing partners on the ground sometimes need volunteers for specific projects, which we have listed below. For questions or to pursue a specific opportunity, use the contact listed on each request.

During a large disaster, BGR may request volunteers. For more information on volunteering in a disaster, click here to read our guidelines. Prior training is required.


Adulam is an Addiction Recovery Center located in the town of Palin with a population of 31,329. It was begun 15 years ago by concerned Christian leaders that wanted to confront two of the major social issues in their society: alcoholism and family violence. Their vision was to restore and rehabilitate those with addictions and to assist them to reenter their families and society as a valued citizen. Their program is holistic, covering physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. A major emphasis is the prevention of family violence.

This construction project will build a new dormitory of cement block with a tin roof. It will be initially for 15-20 men (expandable to 20-40 in future), with bathrooms and showers, sick room for detox, kitchen, meeting room, and one small building for a microenterprise work area. Each of the clients will assist in construction. The Board of Directors of Adulam will provide new furnishings and kitchen items. The clients will build temporary living quarters using the old materials from the present building. US volunteers will be recruited to assist in construction.

Skills Needed: None

Work Environment: Hot, tropical climate, semi-suburban; general good health/physical shape required

Specific Dates: September 1, 2019 to December 1, 2019

Length of Stay: 8 days (including travel)

Team Size: 8-10 people

Approximate costs: On ground costs approximately $450.00USD including local transportation, worksite and lodging expenses, onsite food.

For more information, contact:
Jo Brown
Email: jo.brown@gobgr.org

Brandon Smith
Email: bsmith@gobgr.org

For a PDF copy of this request with additional details, email: volunteer@gobgr.org


Our purpose is to provide holistic, rehabilitative care for minor girls recovered from trafficking and abuse in South Asia. Our goal is to nurture and empower our girls to become resilient and independent women of courage, enabling them to successfully reintegrate into society and, ultimately, become change agents themselves.

Looking for volunteers for the following roles:

Business Developers/Vocational Trainers
Children’s Programming Manager
Communications Manager
Financial Consultant
Legal Case Manager/Investigator
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Teacher Trainer

For more information, contact:
Janice Hughes
email: 7sistersinternational@gmail.com
Or visit their website: http://7sistersinternational.org/volunteer-at-seven-sisters/


Community development and/or training within Internally Displaced or low-income areas

Skills Needed: counseling, sustainable project development, training for women…

Specific Dates: TBD during 2019

Length of Stay: 7-10 days (depending on training)

Environment: Internally Displaced (outside formal camp setting)

Team Size: 2-4

Can College Students Serve? No

For more information, contact:
Josh McMurray
Email: Jcmcmurray@psmail.net

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org


Family doctors, EMT, Paramedics, nurses and anyone else with medical training are invited to join the team in South Asia. Our plan is to conduct general medical exams and distribute basic medicine to the people in various villages around our area.

Skills Needed: General doctor or someone close to reaching that degree level. A degree is not required but competence is necessary. Medical assistants of all types are welcome and encouraged to join the team.

Type of Work: 2-3 people will greet each person and register both general information and vital signs. Two other people will listen to each person’s condition and do a general exam as required. These people will also prescribe either medicine we have at the clinic or medicines in the market. People without as much medical experience (or on a rotation basis) will pray for people.  Translators will be provided at each station.

Specific Dates: Both the exact dates and length of stay can be mutually decided upon during 2019.

Length of Stay: 7-9 days in country.

Environment: Most of the work will be done in rural villages with limited electric and creature comforts. Some clinics will happen in the city, most likely in or near slums. Please check with us if you have serious allergies (food included) or are vegetarian/vegan.

Team Size: 6 max

Can College Students Serve? yes

For more information, contact: Chris Mauger
Email: chrismauger@pobox.com

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org


Skills Needed: A heart to serve; recommended to have business skills or entrepreneurship, but not required.

Specific Dates: TBD through December 2019.

Length of Stay: 7-10 days

Environment: Mountainous, high altitude, but small urban setting. Little to no health care in the area, so must be in good health.

Team Size: Min size if women is 2, a single man could come, the maximum size for either gender is 3.

Can College Students Serve? yes

For more information, contact: Tony Pomales
Email: tony.pomales@gmail.com

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org


This project supports women and children living inside a women’s prison.  Job skills training in tailoring, cosmetology, and baking is given, as well as education classes in literacy, English, and exercise.  A pre-school kindergarten serves the children, as well as a pediatrician and nurse.

Skills Needed: Cosmetology, tailoring, quilting, baking, exercise physiology, nursing, medical or health-related, English TEFL, pre-school/kindergarten.

Specific Dates: TBD through July 2020.

Length of Stay: 7-10 days

Environment: Inside the city’s women’s prison.  This location is one of the most secure in the city, as security is very tightly controlled.

Team Size:  2-4 women is ideal

Can College Students Serve? Possibly

For more information, contact: Carol
Email: codonnell@globalpartners.ca

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org


The goal of the project is to provide education about menstruation to school-aged girls and give them hygiene kits.

Skills Needed: Knowledge in the area of gynecology would be helpful.  Nurses and midwives would be the best option.  However, anyone is welcome.

Specific Dates: TBD through August 2020.

Length of Stay: 7-10 days

Environment: Rural. No access to emergency healthcare or hospitals so good health is required.

Team Size:  2-5. Women preferred.

Can College Students Serve? Yes

For more information, contact: Sarah
Email: sauler@globalpartnersca.org

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org


Type of Work: Medical

Skills Needed: Doctors, nurses, PT and OT, pharmacists

Specific Dates: TBD through April 2020.

Length of Stay: 10 days

Environment: Camp and villages

Team Size:  4-6

Can College Students Serve? Only nursing students

For more information, contact: Kirk
Email: Tribeof6@psmail.net

For a PDF copy of this request, email: volunteer@gobgr.org