The Gift of Water: God Glorified

By Jeff Palmer, CEO on December 11, 2017 | Print

How does BGR use the BGR Gift Catalog to provide clean water?

Looking through the BGR Gift Catalog, you will see that you can help provide access to clean water. There are two basic options for clean water projects:

  1. Provide a water filter for $25 that would help a family of 4 to 5 people have clean water for a year or more.
  2. Give the gift of a complete water system, usually in the form of a well, to bless a whole community for $1,000.

At the same time, a BGR partner somewhere in the world is planning on using clean water projects to bless the communities in which he or she is working. He or she may be thinking of water filters as a strategy to help at the individual household level or community water systems on a larger scale. This implementing partner considers the water project an integral part to his or her strategy in truly helping his target group with a critical need, as well as helping gain sustainable access to the target group. They write up a project proposal, work with BGR to make sure it is a good project, and then submit the planned project to BGR for funding. BGR works to find resources to help fund this partner’s plan.

One of BGR’s funding resources are gift catalog donations! For instance, our BGR implementing partner may have asked for funding to drill 20 wells next year, and a gift catalog donor may have generously given for one well. BGR then matches the well gift to the approved project requesting funding.

Last year, our project directors around the world installed over 1,100 water systems blessing almost 240,000 people worldwide with clean water! They also distributed about 21,000 water filters helping as many families have clean water in their homes. And all of this was made possible due to the generous donations of our partners who had a heart to help people with clean water and used the BGR Gift Catalog to do so!

So, when you give through the BGR Gift Catalog to clean water projects or when you encourage others to do so, picture a family somewhere in the world that now has a water filter in their home making them much healthier than before.

Or, think about a whole village that now has a good, clean source of drinking water closer to their community. No more daily trips for miles lugging this vital resource.

Here’s the simple recipe of how the gift catalog works…

  1. God moves someone to give to a particular gift catalog item.
  2. God moves a BGR field partner to use a particular project to meet a need and enhance their work.
  3. BGR matches the donation(s) of the person(s) moved by God to meet a need and helps in the strategic planning of the particular project overseas.
  4. God is honored by the donor who gives to help those in need.
  5. The project that is funded becomes a blessing to the recipients and a strategic engagement tool of those implementing.
  6. People are helped in an effective and efficient way and God receives the glory!

You probably didn’t know that all of this happens when you decide to purchase an item through the BGR Gift Catalog, did you?

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