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The Difference between Disaster Relief and Community Development

Baptist Global Response is both a relief (disaster relief) and development (community development) organization. About 1/3 of the work we do is responding to disasters around the world. These are our disaster relief projects. The other 2/3 is related to responding to long-term, chronic needs. These are our community development projects.

We distinguish disaster relief from community development by identifying the type of need to which we are responding.

Basically, in the relief and development world, there are two types of human needs:

Acute Needs: These are needs arising from disaster events such as earthquakes, famine, floods, and war and are somewhat unpredictable as to when or where they happen. Here are some general characteristics of acute needs:

These needs are generally dealt with through emergency and/or disaster relief responses.


Chronic Needs: These are needs including human suffering due to hunger, poverty, and poor health, among others. They are generally much longer-termed and often massive in proportion. Here are some general characteristics of chronic needs:

These needs are generally dealt with through development or community development strategies.

What are some common needs that you see in your experience? What is the number one need you see? How would you classify that need: acute or chronic?