Venezuela Response

A devastating economic crisis has swept Venezuela, and more than 4.3 million people have fled the nation, looking for a better life in other countries, with more leaving each day.

Supporters like you are helping to train some of these refugees to make goods – like shoes, leather items, and bread – that they can sell and earn income for their families. Pray for these people as they create new lives for themselves, and pray the crisis in Venezuela will resolve.

BGR is helping the situation by providing boxes of food, costing $100 USD each, to hungry families in Venezuela. Through this food, our trusted local partners are demonstrating God’s love to thousands of individuals.

You can help today! Give $100 to provide nourishment to Venezuelans in need.

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Disaster Response

BGR Partner helps the hungry feed themselves

Franco lives in an area that is currently experiencing a devastating economic crisis. And so amid this chaos, Franco grows crops. He’s currently working with other BGR partners on a model farm that both feeds locals and teaches them to feed themselves.

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UPDATE: BGR partner shares experience in Venezuela response

“It is amazing. What touched me the most was hearing [a local Christian] talk about how he has bought into this project. He has fallen in love with what God is doing at the camp and how it is blessing so many people.”

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Venezuela Update

UPDATE FROM A BGR PARTNER: We have heard story after story about how Venezuelan churches are providing food to hundreds of people in their communities, even though the currency is worth practically nothing and access to food supplies is becoming more and more limited. Churches say their economic resources are dwindling, but the Lord continues […]

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You can feed hungry people in Venezuela

Imagine having to pay $20 for a carton of eggs. Now imagine that your job only pays $26 a month. How would you stretch that money to feed your family? How could you help them survive? This is a real scenario playing out in Venezuela. A collapsing economy is causing massive currency fluctuations, skyrocketing the […]

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More Stories
Pray for Venezuela

BGR partners are responding to the humanitarian crisis developing in Venezuela by working with local partners.

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More prayers
Gift Catalog Media Kit

Printable resources to help your church or friends and family give to those in their time of need. Download complete media kit at the bottom of the page or use individual links to download. ITEMS INCLUDED IN THIS MEDIA KIT: Leader’s Guide PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Gift Catalog PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Gift Catalog Flyers PREVIEW | […]

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Gift Catalog Flyer – Disaster Relief

Check out other gift category flyer categories to share with your friends, family, and church!     If you would like to order more catalogs, visit our free materials page! ORDER NOW

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Dorianny Godoy 12 months ago

Hello, I would love to learn more about what you guys are doing in Venezuela. Are you guys having missionaries come in to Venezuela and help or are the people inside Venezuela helping you guys distribute the food and necessities? How do people help/volunteer?