Seven Sisters Home

Seven Sisters Home is a registered children’s home in South Asia that serves girls rescued from abuse and trafficking. It provides for their medical, psychological, educational, and spiritual needs in a loving family environment. The goal is to nurture and empower these girls to become resilient and independent women of courage, enabling them to successfully reintegrate into society and, ultimately, become change agents themselves.

Human Trafficking

From Street Corners to Safety

Sarah sobbed after police officers took her to an aftercare home donors like you helped fund. They had picked her up for prostitution and sleeping on public transportation.

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Joining forces to stop human trafficking

Yes, you can make a difference.

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Giving girls a safe place to live

Ka closes her eyes and lets the music calm her. She is safe now and lives at an aftercare home supported by BGR.

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In the darkness, light shines

Update from BGR partner at 7 Sisters Home in Northeast India: Sometimes, it is dark here—really dark. We see a lot of pain and a lot of evil. There are times when we think we have seen the worst, only to be proven wrong. Yet even then, there are glimpses of hope and in the darkness, light shines.

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Serving girls rescued from sex trafficking

Seven Sisters Home is a registered children’s home in Northeast India that serves girls rescued from sex trafficking

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More Stories
A refuge for trafficked girls in NE India

Seven Sisters Home, a registered children’s home in northeast India, serves girls rescued from sex trafficking

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More prayers
Gift Catalog Media Kit

Printable resources to help your church or friends and family give to those in their time of need. Download complete media kit at the bottom of the page or use individual links to download. ITEMS INCLUDED IN THIS MEDIA KIT: Leader’s Guide PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Gift Catalog PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Gift Catalog Flyers PREVIEW | […]

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Gift Catalog Flyer – Human Trafficking

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