Seven Sisters Home

Seven Sisters Home is a registered children’s home in South Asia that serves girls rescued from abuse and trafficking. It provides for their medical, psychological, educational, and spiritual needs in a loving family environment. The goal is to nurture and empower these girls to become resilient and independent women of courage, enabling them to successfully reintegrate into society and, ultimately, become change agents themselves.

Human Trafficking

Joining forces to stop human trafficking

Yes, you can make a difference.

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Ka is seeking justice, but it’s costing her.

“I’m not coming back to court again!” Ka declared.

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How many testimonies make a lawyer cry in court?

On the witness stand, Ka recounted her life in brothel slavery.

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Chahna had appendicitis

When a sex slave develops appendicitis, who takes her to the doctor? Who pays for her surgery?

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Rani was just a girl

When they looked at her, they didn’t see a young girl. They saw an object.

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A former slave, this teen enjoys the luxury of regular meals

After Bornali arrived at a BGR-supported aftercare home, her skin cleared up. Her hair began to look healthier. She grew three inches. She finally had the opportunity to eat on a regular basis.

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The escaped slave

It took her two months to saw through an iron railing and escape slavery. Now, she thrives at a BGR-supported home for abused girls.

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Can you name one child?

Can you name one child – – any place, any age – – who endures daily beatings, starvation, rejection, abuse, neglect?

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After escaping, former child slave blossoms under loving care

To the people who bought her, Bornali was nothing more than a workhorse. They forced her to clean a construction zone, wash dishes and care for children and animals, and they fed her scraps of food from other people’s plates.

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“Jingle, Jingle” BGR Christmas Gift Catalog is here!

The BGR Gift Catalog is here—just in time for you to get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

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More Stories
A refuge for trafficked girls in NE India

Seven Sisters Home, a registered children’s home in northeast India, serves girls rescued from sex trafficking

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More prayers
7 Sisters Home
April 6, 2015

Our purpose is to provide holistic, rehabilitative care for minor girls recovered from trafficking and abuse in South Asia.

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Raka’s Story

Raka woke up in a dimly lit room with several other young girls. Her neighbor had promised the 10-year-old a high-paying job in their country’s capital but drugged her and sold her to sex traffickers instead. Raka is one of the millions of sex slaves around the world. Baptist Global Response supports projects that minister […]

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