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GHR(Global Hunger Relief) is an initiative of Southern Baptists formerly known as the World Hunger Fund.

When Southern Baptists observe their annual Global Hunger Sunday the second Sunday in October, they will be called to act out the powerful love of Jesus, who the Bible says was "moved with compassion" for people in desperate need.

Scripture recounts several instances, like the one recorded in Matthew 14:14, when Jesus saw a large crowd, was moved with compassion for them, and took powerful action to meet their needs. The Greek word translated 'compassion' refers to tender emotions, deeply felt feelings, or a deep churning in a person's spirit. We might call it "gut wrenching."

That kind of compassion compels a response, and Baptist Global Response offers multiple ways to get involved. You can discover some of the avenues by clicking on the Updates, Prayer, Volunteer, and Resources tabs above.

You also can engage hunger issues by planning to participate in Global Hunger Sunday on October 11 and use the additional suggested resources listed below.

1. The Global Hunger Relief (GHR) website has some excellent resources such as stories and videos for promoting world hunger awareness. There you will find hunger offering envelopes, coloring books and links to other groups promoting hunger needs. You can visit their site at:

2. World Hunger 101 is a two-hour churchwide event that explores the issue of world hunger. The downloadable event pack includes suggestions about ways to introduce the topic and how to consolidate a full understanding of issues related to hunger. Each age-level session plan includes promotion ideas and hunger project ideas. World Hunger 101 is available for download at, where you also can find the popular World Hunger Bread Bank.

3. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission's website,, provides topical articles on biblical directives for combating hunger and poverty and how to begin a hunger ministry, as well as sermons like "Do Justice to the Afflicted and Needy."

4. Domestic hunger issues are important too. You can find an excellent array of resources on combating hunger in North America at

Finally, if you would like to request a speaker for your group's world hunger event or for a world hunger focused church service, please contact us at  We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Dance for Joy!

They’re dancing. They’re shouting. They’re singing with relief and happiness.


Helping the persecuted

“Our pastor had to leave the area due to persecution and the flood’s affects…”


“Season of Hunger”

Doris puts food on a table that could have been empty.


School Lunch Program

“The food I eat in school helps me a lot because sometimes ...


GHR feeds schoolchildren touched by violence

Since 2004, the Lighthouse School (K-6) has been offering help to needy families and bringing hope through education to children


Project fights locust infestations

A locust plague threatened the livelihoods of 13 million people in a Sub-Saharan country


Distributions aid people in economic crisis

With the ongoing economic crisis in a European country, more and more people are without food on a daily basis.


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f30 Weekend

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