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Syria Crisis

Due to the escalating violence and turmoil in Syria, Syrians are fleeing to surrounding countries. Most are leaving with few possessions and very limited ability to provide for their own basic needs. Southern Baptists are helping thousands of desperate families who have fled the violence in Syria -- now totaling an astounding 9.3 million people, inside the country and out. BGR partners are providing food parcels and hygiene kits to families in need.


5 Ways to Help Refugees in the Middle East

Life as a refugee is difficult—especially so in the winter. For Middle Eastern refugees, not only do they have to find food, water and shelter for their families but also they must brave snowstorms and extremely low temperatures while living in tents and other sub-par housing. The threat of death is always present.


The whole kit and caboodle: Church gives entire Sunday offering to Syrian refugees

In the Middle East, a little girl eats a small dinner. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to fill her belly. She and her family have recently fled Syria, her home country, because of civil war and Islamic State militant attacks. They have sought refuge in a neighboring nation, where there is little work for her parents.


Top 5 videos from 2014

In 2014, Baptist Global Response mixed stories with powerful images to let you know what we’ve done for Syrian refugees, African children and more. Below, we’ve listed the most watched videos of the year—from the tale of a little girl who learned to wash her hands to the story of a kidnapped sex slave. Click below and re-watch 2014’s most impactful pieces.


New Syria massacres reported

Reports are circulating of civilian massacres in Syria’s ongoing turmoil. Women and children reportedly are being killed.


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