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Sub-Saharan Africa is more heavily affected by HIV/AIDS than any other part of the world.  Nearly 23 million people are living with HIV in the region.  In 2012, 1.2 million people died from AIDS there and 1.9 million people became infected with HIV. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 14.8 million children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. The HIV prevalence rate now exceeds 20% in a number of countries.

In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS has erased decades of progress made in extending life expectancy.  Average life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is now 54.4 years and in some more heavily affected countries is below 49 years. Households are severely affected by:  loss of income earners, necessity to provide home-based care for sick relatives, and orphans left behind who must be cared for by members of extended family or siblings as young as 8-years-old.

Baptist Global Response (BGR) has found that sharing a five-gallon ‘bucket of love’ may be the most effective way to open doors to share the love of Christ with these folks who are at death’s door.  BGR has researched and worked with partner organizations to determine the best resources to include in the Hospice Kits.  One kit costs around $85.  A detailed shopping list is available and nothing more or less should be included for the sake of customs regulations and a need for uniformity.  A step-by-step guide for assembling the Hospice Kit is also available so that all items will fit properly in the five-gallon bucket. You may also shop online for bulk items or an already packed bucket to be shipped to one of two storage facilities.

Items found in the bucket are helpful for the comfort of the patient as well as an aid to the caregiver(s).  For example, drinking straws are provided as, many times, patients in the last stages of a terminal illness are unable to sit up to take medication or drink; and a bendable drinking straw can assist the patient in swallowing medication and life-giving water.  Latex-free disposable gloves are provided to protect the caregivers from bodily fluids so that they do not contract HIV.

One of our BGR partners wrote: “One of the items that impressed one man was the white socks – first socks he had ever owned. After a week or so, BGR partners received a report of how something so simple has made a difference. The man, who has a sore on his hip from being bedridden, now has this to say, ‘I thank God very much for providing me with this kit. I didn’t request these things, but they have helped me very much. The bedding has really helped me because now I don’t feel the pain on my hip from sleeping with no bedding.’

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One bucket can make a difference - physically and spiritually.  Will you be a part of making a difference?

Pauline lies in bed

She’s spending her last days in the dark. Her family cares for her, but they still can’t do much to give.


Simple Gifts

Even the simplest of gifts can make a patient cry.


Healing Rebecca’s heart

Hell might have no fury like a woman scorned, but Heaven can teach a scorned woman to love.


Mabinti’s Story

Mabinti’s husband has died and all her children are dead. She lives alone, separated, waiting to die herself.


BGR Bucket Prayer

July 1-7 a 16-member volunteer team from the Northmead Baptist Church in Benoni, South Africa will make their second trip


A community center for Sweetwaters sick children

Tabitha Ministries has been involved in the community of Sweetwaters, South Africa, for over 10 years, providing basic medical


’ I am very sick and there is no one to help me’

Imagine having no one to care for you when sick and tired; no one to talk to at the end of the day; no one to sit and pray


¡Respuesta Bautista Global se interesa en la gente, y nos gustaría conectar a la gente que se interesa con la gente necesitada! A través de nuestros Equipos de Hospicio (que antes llamábamos “Equipos de atención en-casa”), hemos involucrado a iglesias por todos los Estados Unidos para atender a las necesidades críticas de gente en el extranjero que está en las últimas etapas de enfermedades terminales. En los últimos tres años, RBG ha enviado casi 5.000 de estos “baldes de amor” a países como Suazilandia, Mozambique, Lesoto y Sudáfrica donde el sida/VIH ha lisiado a las poblaciones y, en muchos casos, ha borrado comunidades enteras.

RBG está relanzando este proyecto en octubre y nuestro enfoque es Texas. Hemos puesto una meta de 10.000 Equipos de Hospicio hasta el fin de 2013. Necesitamos su ayuda para cumplir con este desafío. Por supuesto, aunque nos estamos enfocando en Texas como un modelo, ¡esperamos que iglesias por todos los Estados Unidos participen en este proyecto! RBG quiere que las iglesias y asociaciones en todo Texas participen en este proyecto y sean el “modelo” de lo que queremos que se haga en cada estado de los Estados Unidos. Nuestros coordinadores de este proyecto en Texas son Franklin y Paula Kilpatrick. Teléfono: (713) 472-6571. E-mail: Viven en Houston y están listos para ir a su iglesia para hablar acerca de la campaña de Equipos de Hospicio. Llámelos para más información.

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