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African Drought Relief

BGR is responding to the drought moving across Africa due to an unusually strong El Niño. 

One project is helping feed approximately 4500 people in Lesotho over the course of the project. Just $100 a day will feed a village of 450, or about 25 cents per person per day over the course of the project. 

In another area,  project leaders will distribute survival food packs to 400 families in three provinces who are identified as most needy by the community. Those recipients include widows, widowers, elderly people and child-headed households.

This could be the worst drought in 100 years, and it threatens thousands of lives.


Rejoice. Feel the joy. The corn is growing in Lesotho!

Not long ago, this woman walked an hour to tell her friends at church about the new crops in her field.


Dance for Joy!

They’re dancing. They’re shouting. They’re singing with relief and happiness.


“Season of Hunger”

Doris puts food on a table that could have been empty.


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