Oasis Center

This BGR project supports a refugee center that uses a holistic approach to helping people, covering their emotional, relational, physical and spiritual needs.

When refugees enter the center’s doors, they find people who accept them, care for them and value them as humans regardless of ethnicity. The center meets physical needs by serving roughly 450 hot meals each week, distributing more than 160 bags of groceries and hygiene items each week, providing people with medicine and more. Many refugees also are eager to improve themselves and desire language training, which center staff provides through English courses.

With these actions, the center’s staff demonstrate Christ’s love to the refugees for whom they care.


Refugees and IDPs

Refugee family finds solace during time of grief

Farzam* fled Afghanistan with his wife and two adult sons, looking for safety and peace. They stopped in a European country, hoping for temporary respite but found more grief.

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Oasis Center

Pray for the people who come through the doors of The Oasis Center each day.

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Greek Human Needs Project
October 6, 2015

BGR is partnering with more than 20 churches and nongovernmental organizations to provide practical humanitarian assistance in a country enduring financial crisis.

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