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Rescue the perishing

Health care is an integral part of meeting human needs – and the need is overwhelming. Diarrheal diseases kill about 2 million small children each year. About 4 million people die each year from acute respiratory infections such as influenza and pneumonia. A full 45 percent of deaths in poor communities of Southeast Asia and Africa are caused by infectious diseases. One-third of the world’s population does not have access to essential drugs. In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, there are fewer than three doctors per 10,000 people. When God has given us the skills and tools to help, how can we not reach out in love and rescue those who are perishing?

A healing touch

All around the world, Southern Baptists are engaged in healing ministry – bringing physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness to hurting, suffering people. We follow the example of Jesus, who modeled healing ministry and commanded his followers to care for “the least of these.” Baptist Global Response offers opportunities for medical ministries that allow health care professionals to live out the compassion of Christ with people in need. BGR does this in partnership with a variety of groups, such as Global Medical Alliance/International Mission Board, Baptist Medical Dental Fellowship, Christian Medical and Dental Associations, Medical Missions Response, as well as many others.

You can help!

Health care professionals like you can make a difference in any number of ways. You can pray for health needs and health care projects. You can find out what is going on in health care ministries around the world. Become aware of the needs. As you learn about needs, make yourself available if God asks you to go with a medical team or to a medical institution. You can be involved in patient care, public health projects or medical education. You also can become equipped to respond when disaster strikes.  To apply for a project click here.

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Our healthcare partners

International Mission Board, SBC
PO Box 6767
Richmond, VA 23230

(800) 999-3113

Baptist Medical Dental Fellowship
3751 Main St Suite 600-333
The Colony, TX 75056

(469) 475-2511

A Heroin Addict’s Recovery

A heroin addict who benefitted from a drug rehabilitation program that you sponsored shared how his life was transformed! Read how you are helping former addicts recover here.

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Restoring Dignity in sub-Saharan Africa

Jacob overcame extreme adversity in his life to become a thriving teenager in a healthy community. Read more about the way your contributions are providing AIDS patients with in-home care kits and hopeful, lasting relationships.

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Now I See: Clinic Saves Baby’s Eyesight

“Today, my baby can see and her eyes completely healed because of the clinic.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves. So, we let Logol tell her story of the day you helped save her daughter’s sight.

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A Village Leader’s Dream Comes True

The crossroad of skill and passion is a prime location for dreams to come true. Check out this inspiring story of a man and his vision come true.

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A Fighting Chance: Churches Help Fight Cancer

If you or someone you know has fought or is fighting cancer, you know the toll it takes. Shirin is a cancer victim and a refugee with little money or access to treatment. But your gifts are allowing local churches to help her. Read how they have become the hands and feet of Christ as they minister to Shirin, and learn how you can do the same for others.

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CPR Training Helps Mother Save Daughter’s Life

See the woman practicing CPR on that baby mannequin? That’s Noy, and she hoped she would never need this skill you helped teach her—until her own daughter was pulled from the water. Learn the rest of the story.

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Man Reconciles Marriage After Addiction Camp

“I feel the agony and shame that I inflicted on my family,” Naveen reminisced. “Now I am working hard to regain the happiness and peace that I had lost.” Read Naveen and Kalpana’s inspiring story of reconciliation after addiction, and the role you played in their journey.

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Hygiene Buckets of Love Bring Smiles

It takes buckets of love to transform a life. And that’s just what you are providing through the Love Buckets project!

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Youth Camp Gives Young Man Hope

Poverty is more complex than you may realize. Check out Qin’s story and learn how you can help alleviate a kind of destitution that touches the soul.

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Field of Hope

Roquia can finally see the other side of her depression. It’s downfield, where a soccer goal waits. The soccer program you supported has given Roquia a new purpose to get out of bed—and she hasn’t tried to take her life ever since.

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More Stories
Health Care in Central Asia

  BGR partners are working with communities in a Central Asian region to operate a tuberculosis clinic. The country in which this clinic is located ranks very high for new cases of this disease, but the area has no facilities available for treating it. The people experience roughly 6,000 to 8,000 cases of tuberculosis each year, along with many […]

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Medical care for migrant workers

Pray for a nurse who offers medical care and health lessons to migrant workers.

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Pray for health care needs of displaced peoples in the Middle East

Millions of people have been displaced after losing homes, possessions and family members.

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Kigoma Baptist Hospital Prayer Requests

Pray for the Kigoma Baptist Hospital, where thousands of patients are treated annually.

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More prayers
Kids Prayer Calendar | BGR Kids

Download an 8.5×11 printable prayer guide at the bottom of this page or preview below.

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Gift Catalog Media Kit

Printable resources to help your church or friends and family give to those in their time of need. Download complete media kit at the bottom of the page or use individual links to download. ITEMS INCLUDED IN THIS MEDIA KIT: Leader’s Guide PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Gift Catalog PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Gift Catalog Flyers PREVIEW | […]

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Video: Moo Your Way To School | Gift Catalog

Learn how gifting a family in need with a cow can help them send their children to school! Give the gift of livestock today at

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Gift Catalog Flyer – Health Care

Check out other gift category flyer categories to share with your friends, family, and church!     If you would like to order more catalogs, visit our free materials page! ORDER NOW

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2M2E – Bardstown, KY Flyer
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MedAdvance 2020 Flyer
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Medical Mission One Day Flyer
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