Ecuador Talented Hands

After a series of earthquakes in Ecuador last year, many fishermen could no longer earn sufficient income to provide for their families. Many of the fish did not return to accustomed fishing grounds, placing a financial burden on entire communities to provide for even the simplest needs.

In a community among the hardest hit by earthquakes, a vocational training project will provide 35 people with an alternative source of income. Participants will learn to make wallets, purses and crocheted hammocks that will be sold in tourist markets throughout the area. BGR funds will furnish the project with enough materials for four trainings. The project team hopes sales of the products will not only sustain additional classes but also provide additional income for the participants.

The project comes through an ongoing partnership between BGR and national Baptist churches, which assisted with initial recovery from the damage and loss of life after the earthquakes last year. A national Baptist church has placed a full-time volunteer in the area to assist with community development.

Disaster Response

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