COVID-19 Response

With school closures, event cancellations, and travel restrictions on the rise in countries around the world, the reality of life with a coronavirus outbreak is increasingly sinking in. The new coronavirus, or COVID-19, has infected millions of people across the globe and has required governments, cities, towns, and individual families to alter their daily routines in an attempt to halt the expansion.

While life may be slowing down for many, BGR continues its mission to show the love of Christ to those in need amid the outbreak. With active COVID-19 responses occurring on three continents, BGR is at the ready, distributing masks and hand sanitizers, giving food boxes to those in need, and equipping hospitals to handle the influx of patients.

Disaster Response

Coronavirus in Colombia

Colombia is facing an economic crisis due to COVID-19, but you are helping the families most-affected make sure they have food on the table this week.

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Fighting COVID-19 in Africa

You are helping some of the poorest countries in the world gain the expertise and tools necessary to curb the spread of COVID-19. Read about the 24/7 medical clinic and supplies distribution you are funding!

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Responding to Coronavirus Around the World

COVID-19 is upending life for millions of people across the globe. Jobs are disappearing, borders are closing, and the most fundamental needs are at risk of going unmet. BGR and local partners in countries around the world are responding to this unprecedented moment in history. From Asia to Africa, Europe to the Americas, we have […]

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Light Through the Darkness

Four stories of goodwill and generosity to brighten the shadow of pandemic The Coronavirus has gripped the globe in a pandemic of illness, but also one of fear and uncertainty. With new cases and fatalities being reported daily around the world, it’s far too easy to allow despair and discouragement to hallmark this moment in […]

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COVID-19 Update: A Letter from CEO Jeff Palmer

Dear BGR donors and partners, Since news of the coronavirus threat first emerged up until today, a lot has changed.  In fact, most of us are experiencing change at such a quick pace that it’s hard to wrap our heads around what is happening in the world around us. From daily reports of new infections, […]

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COVID-19 Prayer Requests

As the coronavirus circles the globe, the livelihoods of many are at risk. Many businesses are closing their doors for the foreseeable future, which means many people will find it very difficult to purchase enough food to feed their families. Unfortunately, most of those affected will not be assisted by outside sources. BGR is partnering […]

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COVID-19 Outbreak: Please Pray

Many countries around the world are experiencing a shortage of essential supplies due to COVID-19. These items are increasingly required for people who are leaving their homes to go anywhere. If they walk the dog, go to the supermarket, or check their mail, they are required to wear a mask. The rapid depletion of masks […]

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Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Relieve stress and remember the promises of God. As you color in these pages, meditate and memorize scripture! Click the download button below to access all three coloring pages.

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