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Sex trafficking in South Asia is a problem of mind-boggling proportions. One recent study revealed at least 2.5 million people are being prostituted in the region — many of them children. BGR partners in a major South Asian city are providing a transition home for girls ages 8-18 who have been rescued from brothel slavery. The Courage Home is designed to help girls start on the path of healing and growth for the future by providing holistic aftercare in many areas: physical, emotional, educational, social, relational, and spiritual.

A $25 donation will provide for a girl with a welcome kit, which includes clothing, hygiene items, and a comforting teddy bear.

$8 pays for personal items for one girl for a month (shampoo, feminine products, soap, toothpaste)
$24 covers counseling & medical care for one girl for a month
$80 pays one-time medical exams & vaccinations for one girl upon entry to home (distinct from monthly medicine)
$222 gives one girl education (life-skills, literacy, government curriculum distance learning) & legal assistance for six months.
$2,340 gives safe shelter (rent, 24-hr security) for all the girls for one month

Human Trafficking

Joining forces to stop human trafficking

Yes, you can make a difference.

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How many testimonies make a lawyer cry in court?

On the witness stand, Ka recounted her life in brothel slavery.

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Chahna had appendicitis

When a sex slave develops appendicitis, who takes her to the doctor? Who pays for her surgery?

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Rani was just a girl

When they looked at her, they didn’t see a young girl. They saw an object.

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Can you name one child?

Can you name one child – – any place, any age – – who endures daily beatings, starvation, rejection, abuse, neglect?

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After experiencing love, abused teen stops throwing tantrums and starts trusting

Not long ago, Anisha* had an emotional meltdown. Though the 16-year-old was learning to verbalize her anger instead of throwing books and clothes, her temper still flared bright and hot.

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After running from her abusive father, Noor finds family at Courage Homes

At the age of 17, Noor stopped studying for her medical school entrance exam and ran away from home.

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Update Video // Human Trafficking, April 2014

Raka woke up in a dimly lit room with several other young girls. Her neighbor had promised the 10-year-old a high-paying job in their country’s capital but drugged her and sold her to sex traffickers instead.

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Courage Homes: As Christmas approaches …

As Christmas approaches, life at Courage Homes is fairly peaceful.  However, we still have no word about Gigi, who ran away a few weeks ago.

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Urgent prayer: Courage Homes runaway

One of girls living at Courage Homes in New Delhi, India, ran away from the organization Tuesday.

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Continued prayer for rescued girl at Courage Homes

Continue to pray for the young girl at Courage Homes.

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Rescuing women from S Asia sex trafficking

BGR partners are rescuing women in this South Asian country from the sex trafficking industry

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More prayers
Gift Catalog Media Kit

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Gift Catalog Flyer – Human Trafficking

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