Ceramic Water Filter Distribution

Families and schoolchildren will receive water filters, as well as health and hygiene training, in an ongoing BGR project.

Water shortage isn’t a problem in this project’s rural target area, but water quality is an issue. It directly impacts children’s growth and development, along with the health of the general population. This project will provide water filters for people who have been drinking unsafe water for long periods of time, and it will also educate them about why they should use the filters and how to use them properly. Ultimately, these efforts will raise awareness among villagers, schoolteachers and students about the dangers of unsafe water.

In the coming year, the project’s leaders will assist and accompany five local teams or churches to conduct basic health trainings. They have planned nine training sessions and have selected 10 executives and local trainers to participate in them and in water filter distributions. Leaders will provide free water supplies to poor areas and struggling families, as well. They plan to distribute 1,000 water filters to 300 families and 20 schools, thereby giving 12,000 people access to safe drinking water.


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Wayne Ingram 10 months ago

I am currently distributing Sawyer water filtration kits to Amerindian peoples in the interior of Guyana. I am interested in the type of system ( and specs) of the systems being distributed by BGR. Where can I get more info? thanks, Wayne Ingram