BOOSTing Cebuanos

For the past several years, BGR has funded a program that combines community development, agriculture, and health care to improve life for rural people living in a targeted area. The program’s team will work in poor neighborhoods where development trainings have yet to occur and where people don’t receive assistance from the government or from nongovernmental organizations.

These neighborhoods are located in remote, mountainous areas, where people struggle with tremendous physical and spiritual needs. They depend on farming for income and usually grow small plots of corn and raise a few chickens, along with an occasional goat or pig.

In the coming year, the BOOST (Barangay Out-Of-School Training) team will help at least 100 farmers and their families, or approximately 600 people, who live at the poverty level. It will address both food and health care needs. The project’s team will train people to raise vegetables and animals using organic techniques. Team members will also teach farmers to grow plants for animal food and for erosion prevention. In addition, program participants will learn preventive health care methods to reduce illnesses in their communities. These health care lessons will include tutorials on making herbal medicine for personal use and even for sale as supplemental income. The program will address other community issues as needed.

Agriculture and Livestock

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