Atulya Home

BGR funds support an aftercare home that provides a safe place for young women who have suffered trafficking, abuse and other difficult circumstances. The home’s goal Is to help the women heal, to set them free from their pasts, to show them hope for the future and to encourage them to find their destinies in God. In the past, people have considered these women worthless, so the home’s staff wants them to discover their worth in Christ.

The home’s personnel strives to create an environment where the women experience safety, healing relationships and community. Staff members also equip them with education, social skills, practical skills and vocational training, offering the women opportunities to develop their mental abilities and their gifts so they can live independently.

Human Trafficking

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Who is BGR?

Baptist Global Response (BGR) is a global Southern Baptist Relief and Development organization. It is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.