African Drought Relief

Since 2015, Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered an extended drought. At its height, the disaster affected almost 40 countries and impacted close to 40 million people. Now, 29 million still struggle with insecure food sources. Countries like South Sudan have officially declared famine.

Through partners on the ground and through a partnership with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, BGR has offered relief in as many areas as possible. Global Hunger Relief funds have provided lifeline foods, as well as seeds for planting in places where signs indicate the end of drought conditions.

BGR has currently appropriated more than $891,000 for 13 projects in nine countries. So far, more than 53,000 have received food and more than 7,000 have received seed. We have not been able to address every need. However, we have focused our response in areas with tremendous need, trusted on-the-ground partners and opportunities for impacting people with Christ’s love.

Disaster Response

Why is there a constant famine in Africa?

Our CEO Jeff Palmer shares insight into African Drought

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Rejoice. Feel the joy. The corn is growing in Lesotho!

Not long ago, this woman walked an hour to tell her friends at church about the new crops in her field.

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Dance for Joy!

They’re dancing. They’re shouting. They’re singing with relief and happiness.

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“Season of Hunger”

Doris puts food on a table that could have been empty.

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What a feast she’ll have tonight!

Tumelo will open up her BGR food packet and begin preparing a meal for her grandchildren…

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The worst famine in 100 years

The hunger will become unbearable. Pontso’s country, Lesotho, is facing its worst famine in more than 100 years

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His shelves were empty

The morning this photograph was taken, this man looked at his five grandchildren and knew he couldn’t feed them.

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Help in time of need

“We just want to give you thanks for all that you did to help us in this time of need…”

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Enduring the famine

As a 15-year-old boy, how do you tell your younger sister you can’t feed her?

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Joni B Ward 10 months ago

Are Southern Baptist in a position to help in South Sudan? I know it is a very dangerous, tough place to be. My husband and I are looking for organizations that are on the ground and able to help out. Do anyone have a recommendation if Baptist Global Response is not currently able to help in South Sudan?


Mary Satterwhite 9 months ago

Hi Joni! Thanks for your comment. We are currently working with a partner organization in South Sudan that has been working long term there offering school lunches to many children and also doing training in agriculture for long-term addressing of hunger insecurity. If you'd like more information, please contact us through our "contact" page.