Prayers of Peace for Human Trafficking Victims

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace…” -Romans 15:13

In a South Asian country, BGR partners are caring for young girls who have been rescued from brothel slavery and other forms of sexual abuse. BGR contributes to an aftercare home designed to help girls ages 12-17 start healing and preparing for the future. Its program ministers holistically to each girl’s physical, emotional, educational, social, relational and spiritual needs. God’s peace is working in these girls’ hearts and minds through the project.

One night, a girl living in the home couldn’t wake up from a nightmare. She was lying in her bunk, fighting an unseen foe and waving her arms wildly. With her eyes still closed, she cried out, begging for her life. The staff woke her up and assured her that she was in a safe home where no one wanted to kill her. She calmed down. One of the other girls was calmly sweeping the floor during the whole drama. She came to the bunk bed and said, “Oh, Anna, the same thing used to happen to me a lot. Just pray to God, and He will give you peace.” She continued with her sweeping while flashing a smile at the caregiver. Please pray for this ministry.

  • Pray more mature Christian women will join the team and offer hope to survivors.
  • Pray the girls’ home communities will help them make fresh starts in life instead of blaming these survivors for their abuse.
  • Pray God’s peace will fill the girls’ hearts, especially during the night. Some of them have recently suffered nightmares and flashbacks that disrupt their sleep.
  • Ask God to grant grace and strength to the caregivers who stay awake for hours at night so they can minister to the girls.


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