Prayer Requests: Earthquakes in The Philippines

On October 16, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake was the first of three successive earthquakes to strike the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, leaving much damage and many displaced farmers. The second quake, measuring 6.6, hit on October 29, followed by another earthquake two days later on October 31 that measured 6.5. These three quakes in a relatively small area not only left buildings damaged, but created several landslides that added to the devastation. The quakes have disrupted the food and water supplies and have led to many living in overcrowded evacuation centers. Other victims are afraid to return to their homes and are living under tarps and tents. BGR partners are responding by supplying food and water to many in the affected areas. They are also working with local churches as they minister to those that have been displaced. Please pray for those that have been affected by these earthquakes in the Philippines.

  • Pray for those trying to get clean water and food to those in remote areas that have been cut off from their water sources and healthy food supplies.
  • Pray that families living outside because of fear of going into their houses will be protected from Dengue Fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses.
  • Pray for the children who are in overcrowded evacuation centers and not able to return home to start back to school.
  • Pray that the churches will be strengthened and encouraged as they minister to those in need even as they have been affected by the devastation.